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Making pictures…


“Can you take a snapshot?”

“You just have to push a button.”


I often hear this exclamation from customers or from random people when I tell them that I’m a photographer.

“The camera is the instrument, one push on the button and you’re done”, seems to be the thought.

If only it were this simple, then everyone could be a photographer!

Perhaps that’s why there are so many in this profession…

Taking pictures is something you do with your heart, not just your camera.

The customers who hire me do not want a photographer only capable of pressing a button.

They want a conversation partner who can complement their vision.

They want an artist who can transform their ideas into images with the perfect balance of light and atmosphere and feel.

They want a professional who can directly inspire models – a person who knows how to make the person in front of the camera feel at ease and who knows how to capture the right moment.

I’m Peter Verduin, a photographer, and I’m very pleased to meet you!

For years I have had a passion for images, film, painting, street art, but the biggest place in my heart has always been for photography.

Photography remains special to me – it’s starting the day with a blank canvas and creating something beautiful and new.

The relationship with people individually, and also within a team, combines seamlessly in my art to reflect a flawless finished product.

If my role gets bigger than that of “button pusher”, I’m at my creative best.

The combined talents of my team can lead to something special; everyone together is self-evolving and creating something beautiful (to exceed the customer’s expectations?).

At that moment photography becomes magic and I feel, even if just for a moment, a sorcerer.

Peter Verduin

past and present clients:

Babydump – Backstage – Bavaria – Ben – BCA – Bouwmaat – Cosmopolitian – Cinderella – CitizenM hotels – City&Style – Dag! – Dr. Hauschka – Elle – Esquire – Etos – Ferio – Harper’s Bazar – I -AMsterdam – Landal Greenparcs – Maui Rippers – Montel – NBTC/ Dutch tourist board  – Nouveau – Orgaandonaties – Randstad – Reaal – Rituals – Seasons – Tennismagazine – Ubbink – Ubica – POST nl – Verkade – VormMartini – ZirH and many more