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Shooting pictures…


Its simple…..

I just like shooting pictures. Create something.

Show the beauty in people, or the not so pretty side of a person.

But I love the play, connection and interaction with people.

And yes, sometimes I’m done with people. I’m human too. ; )

These days are great for working a day in the studio, shooting stills.


I’m Peter Verduin, a photographer, and I’m very pleased to meet you!

For years I have had a passion for images, film, painting, street art. But the biggest place in my heart has always been for photography.

Photography remains special to me;  starting the day with a blank canvas and creating something beautiful and new.

The relationship with people individually, and also within a team, combines seamlessly in my art to reflect a flawless finished product.

If my role gets bigger than that of “button pusher” I’m at my creative best.

I love it if the combined talents of my team leads to something special. Everyone together in self-evolving and creating something beautiful that exceeds  expectations.

At that moment photography becomes magic and I feel, even if just for a moment, a sorcerer.

Peter Verduin

past and present clients:

Babydump – Backstage – Bavaria – Ben – BCA – Bouwmaat – Cosmopolitian – Cinderella – CitizenM hotels – City&Style – Dag! – Dr. Hauschka – Elle – Esquire – Etos – Ferio – Harper’s Bazar – I -AMsterdam – Landal Greenparcs – Maui Rippers – Montel – NBTC/ Dutch tourist board  – Nouveau – Orgaandonaties – Randstad – Reaal – Rituals – Seasons – Tennismagazine – Ubbink – Ubica – POST nl – Verkade – VormMartini – ZirH and many more